We, employees of the Public Administrations and Public Services of Spain, well aware that only solidarity among all workers will achieve a fair system of social coexistence and real democracy, DECLARE that the Federation of Public Services employees (FeSP) is an organization of workers, socialist-inspired, integrated into the General Workers’ Union of Spain (UGT) whose principles we assume.

We declare that we add our efforts to the ones of other workers in the country in their struggle for a fairer, more democratic society, where all forms for exploitation will end, ensuring dignity, freedom, and equality of all people, as well as the full and free development of human personality against all types of oppression.

What is FeSP-UGT?

The Federation of Public Service employees of the General Workers’ Union of Spain (FeSP-UGT), is an independent, trade union organization with more than 30 years of existence, resulting from the merge of several historic public services unions within the UGT, based upon the principle of solidarity.

Because of its number of affiliates, FeSP-UGT is the most important federation of UGT.

FeSP-UGT organizes public employees (contracted personnel, officers, and statuaries), working in ministries and other autonomous state bodies and offices, Social Security, administration of Justice, regional and local governments, National Postal Service, Public and Private Healthcare workers, pharmacists, veterinarians, employees of business entities directly or indirectly related to public services, job seekers within the public administration, etc.

The Federation of Public Services employees is part of the General Workers’ Union and therefore, it is a socialist-inspired trade union organization.

In other words, we are not apolitical or neutral in different options on how to organize and understand society. We proclaim our adherence and defense of democracy; we advocate for a Social, democratic state, and for real and effective freedom, justice, and equality.

Are you interested in joining FeSP-UGT? Are you interested in more information about the Public Services employees Federation work or specific activities? Do you have any suggestion or idea that might help us give a better service to our affiliates, friends, and visitors? Do not hesitate: Contact us!! Your comments and feedback are most welcome!!





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