ISCOD, Cooperation and Development

The Trade Union Institute for Cooperation for Development (ISCOD) was founded by UGT in 1989 and dedicates itself for developing and reinforcement of solidarity among nations, especially through trade unions in developing countries.

25 years after, the ISCOD keeps working for creating a net of cooperation for the economic, social, technical and cultural development of workers in those countries. It also fosters the creation or consolidation of trade union organizations in countries with low level of development. The most of its work has been focused inLatin America, Northern Africa, and the Balkans.

The “public sector and public services mind” of FSP-UGT makes us strong supporters of the importance of strong, free, and democratic trade union organizations that can participate in the institutions and the social dialogue culture that are a guarantee social stability, democracy, security, and good government, as well as economic and social development. Therefore, FSP-UGT contributes with all its resources to the programs and strategic activities of the Institute, and it is a proud member of the board of ISCOD.

All our cooperation activities are imbedded in the ones of ISCOD’s. If you wish to know more about the participation of FSP-UGT in cooperation and development programs, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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