About Us

The Federation of Public Service of the General Workers’ Union of Spain (FSP-UGT), is an independent, trade union organization with more than 30 years of existence, resulting from the merge of several historic public services unions within the UGT, based upon the principle of solidarity. Because of its number of affiliates, FSP-UGT is the most important federation of UGT.

FSP-UGT organizes public employees (contracted personnel, officers, and statuaries), working in ministries and other autonomous state bodies and offices, Social Security, administration of Justice, regional and local governments, National Postal Service, Public and Private Healthcare workers, pharmacists, veterinarians, employees of business entities directly or indirectly related to public services, job seekers within the public administration, etc.

The Federation of Public Services is part of the General Workers’ Union and therefore, it is a socialist-inspired trade union organization. In other words, we are not apolitical or neutral in different options on how to organize and understand society. We proclaim our adherence and defense of democracy; we advocate for a Social, democratic state, and for real and effective freedom, justice, and equality

How are we organized?

From working centers units, small federations are embedded in local federations, integrated in regional federations that compose the national federation. Due to its structure and affiliation numbers, FSP-UGT is present all over Spain, but since it also organizes workers from the Spanish public sector abroad (embassies, trade offices, etc.), our union is virtually represented all over the world!

In October 2013, the 9th Congress of FSP-UGT took place in Madrid. The Executive Committee (body of government of the national federation) is form by eleven members, each of them responsible of one unit (General secretariat, organization, finances, learning&communication, trade union policy, health&safety, and woman&equality secretariats) or sector (National administration, Local, Regional&Urban services, Health, Social&Care services, and Postal services).

How do we work?

We act on the basis of efficiency, democratic decision-making, solidarity among our affiliates, and responsibility in collective bargaining and in the industrial relations with our counterparts at the different public administrations and business organizations, with the firm conviction that the interests of the workers are more important than any other.

What are our objectives?

FSP-UGT works in harmonizing agreements and legislation in order to achieve decent salaries, useful training systems, and appropriate and adequate social security. We also elaborate and produce documents and alternatives for the different public services, ensuring both the human development of Public Employees, the maximum efficiency of the system, and best service to the society.





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